i keep trying

Last night I sat and watched Sophie during her snack time throw blueberries on the floor and smash them on her highchair. She didn't want them, or anything I attempted to give her.

She hasn't been eating this week. Or, the week before.

She has done a complete 360.
She went from screaming because she wasn't getting food fast enough to her liking to having no interest in food whatsoever.

Some say it is her "trauma" from the first 12 months of her life coming out.
Some say it is because she has realized that she won't go hungry anymore;
that she's realized she'll always have food available now.

I keep trying everyday for her to eat.
Some days she will take about 4 bites from the spoon, and then she's done.
Some days she will not take any bites from the spoon.

I blend her breakfast, lunch, and dinner into a smoothie.
Spaghetti, protein powder,  and milk smoothie anyone?
Would you like a spinach, safflower oil (to boost her calories), and oatmeal smoothie?
I think "Yuck, how is she going to drink this concoction down?"
But she does; she drinks it every single time.

She uses the OXO Tot Training Cup in pink, of course!

One day she'll eat with a spoon again, but until that time I'll continue filling her up with the only way I know how.

today i love....

:: this little drool-covered monkey!

It has not been the easiest (almost) 6 months, but the blessings far outweigh the struggles we have had.

currently: april


drinking caffeine (coffee, tea, whatever will give me that extra energy boost right now)

feeling a little tired. I stayed up way too late last night, and the night before, and the night before that.

waiting on the love of my life to return home today!!

loving this fabric. I need to find some!

beginning to organize all our receipts for next year's taxes! Not waiting until the last minute as I have previous years.

reading all the debt free stories on this blog

planting absolutely nothing, but I'm thinking since we won't be able to have a garden this year with our move then maybe I'll attempt a wreath like the one above.

trying to figure out if I paid all the medical bills this month. We have so many coming from different doctors, specialists, therapists, and it hasn't even really begun yet.

watching nothing on television lately

attempting to get Byron's school album caught up to his current year

hoping for no unexpected surprises next week as we demo the bathrooms

finishing the book Show Your Work!: 10 Ways to Share Your Creativity and Get Discovered

listening to the light rain out the window

still knitting a cuddly, soft blanket for little sister

wanting to sew a little something...bag, pouch, burp cloth. It doesn't really matter; just something.

needing a hair cut

praying our house sells quickly once we put it on the market

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Rylan's preschool class had a field trip to a local goat farm this week.
We were invited to go along.

It was a cooler day in April, with the wind blowing.
The wagon ride was pretty chilly.
Little sister was in the ergo on my back. Hence, why there's no pictures of her.

Joci was in heaven!!
How could she not be when there were newborn babies not even a day old,
rabbits, chickens, and cats galore.
11 cats and 3 kittens to be exact---she asked.

It was a good trip.
An encouraging trip for myself.
I came home with a desire to save, save, save for that farm we want.

I wish we would have been introduced to those farmers earlier.
They would have been a good resource for Joe and I, and a place where we could have spent some time learning their practices.

weekend shenanigans....

This weekend was Byron's first communion.
We also celebrated Joci's birthday.
Grandma, grandpa, an aunt, and cousin came for the weekend.
Joe moved some cabinets from the living room to the kitchen.
He also tiled the kitchen backsplash.
It was a short weekend for house projects.
We still have a ton to do on the house before we move, and
are able to list it on the market.
It rained all weekend.
We had chickens "flying the coop", eating eggs, and
bullying each other.
I added oyster shells to their feed today.
Hopefully, that will stop the egg-eating.
The rest of my week will be spent figuring out
why they're bullying and pecking on each other.
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