today i love...

:: this crazy cat.
She decided to take off on an adventure for over 24 hours. She's my favorite. I thought she was a goner. For sure, I thought the foxes had her as dinner. She decided to show up early, early this morning. She's still got a couple of more years in her left, as long as she doesn't become someone's dinner. :)

currently: june

drinking sweet tea

feeling like the kids are fighting with each other all the time. I guess it's time to implement some structure into our days.

waiting for the rain to come this weekend. We're supposed to be getting buckets-ful.

loving that we are able to live in a country setting inside the city limits.

beginning to sew and embroider again. A slow beginning, but it's a start.
reading  The Longest Ride; just finished this one, and getting ready to start this book

finding random pictures of lego creations on my camera

planting nothing. Those deer and our crazy chickens would have everything eaten within a week.

trying  to use up all the eggs. I've made 2 batches of waffles and 2 dozen muffins this week. I still have about 3 dozen eggs left. On the menu for this week: pancakes, frittata, chicken fried rice, and some banana bread.

watching Owen and Rylan wrestle on the couch

attempting to get some projects done. I've started a few, but haven't quite finished them yet.

hoping that little sister gets the go-ahead to start soft foods this week. I'm pretty sure she's done with liquids. I caught the crazy girl laying on her belly trying to eat a muffin crumb. I guess desperate times calls for desperate measures.

finishing up the list for the remainder of school curriculum that I need to order for next year.

listening to the hum of the central air. I don't even want to know how much our electric bill is going to be.

still knitting a cuddly, soft blanket for little sister

wanting to get completely unpacked by the end of July

needing to clean off my desk. I just piled stuff on top of it while unpacking. Stuff that didn't have a specific spot to go.

praying for these sweet babes, and that they find a "mama" and "baba" soon.

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i want to remember....

Parenting is hard at times.
Parenting is rough some days.
Those good parenting days far outweigh the bad.
So, I want to remember the good in our days.
{sleeping beauty taken on 6/8/15}

I want to remember....

-the sound of her voice saying "momma" before she had surgery.

-all their excitement over the summer reading program and receiving free books just by reading

-O's love of candy and donuts

-how Joci loved to sleep in her brothers' bedroom every night this past school year

-their resiliency with moving every single darn time

-the struggles of parenting 5 littles while Joe is away for the week

-that I took all 5 kids on outings, events, doctor's appointments, grocery runs, etc while Joe was at work

-the concern and love Sophie's surgeon has for her

I want to remember.....that the days are long, but the years are short.

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Thank you for your prayers!
We are home, and trying to settle into some sort of routine.

Sophie is doing as well as to be expected after a major surgery.
Although wouldn't you know, she is a little upset that she can't have food.
The girl who wouldn't eat anything but smoothies for months, now wants food.
It's smoothies for two weeks though.

It's a fight to get her to take her medicine, but we get it down.
It's not fun, but it's a must for pain control.

She's waking up a couple times a night.
This momma is tired.

She has done amazingly well compared to what Joe & I were expecting from her.
I pray that this continues for the next month.

Thank you again for your prayers. You are welcome to continue praying for complete healing, and to pray that this surgery is successful for her, and that we won't have to have any additional surgeries within the next year.


This afternoon Sophie will have her palate repair surgery. This is a big surgery for her. One that could fail within the first few months. "That's a wide one," her surgeon stated. "She'll have a 50% success rate. It will take more than one surgery."

We know she'll possibly have another surgery when she's four or five, depending on her speech and language progress. Then another one when she's about 10. It's the unknown that's scary. How many more surgeries will she need to just repair the palate? Will she have to have several (like 7) like other children I've read about? Will she need another surgery this year? Or, will she only require one?

It's the unknown that makes me fearful. The unknown of so many variables.
The anesthesia, the pain control, the recovery, the liquid diet, and so much more.

"Hope is the only thing stronger than fear." -Hunger Games

Hope. I'm holding onto hope.

The hope of only one surgery to close her palate.
The hope that there will be no complications.
The hope that her speech will "take off".
The hope that closing her palate will mean less food issues.

The hope that tomorrow afternoon she will be her spunky little self.

Thank you for the prayers.
I will try to update sometime tomorrow.

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