guangzhou chimelong xiangjiang safari park

{China day 11......November 17th}

Today we went to the Chimelong Xiangjiang Safari Park.
We took a tram ride through part of the zoo to see the larger animals for about 45 minutes.
Then we went by foot for the rest of the day.

Dinosaur world~my two little boys would have loved this!

The dinosaurs were realistic-looking with sounds and other side effects, such as spitting water.


A panda just had a set of baby triplets this year.

One of the baby triplets

Another baby triplet

Joci was sad that we missed the 3rd baby. Apparently she was snuggled up to her momma.

It was a great zoo. One of the best we've seen!
We had a great day, but it would have been better if these two monkeys were here with us.


takin' it easy

{China day 10......November 16th}

Today was another free day for us.

We just stayed around the hotel.

The kids did a little swimming with new friends.

Then we rested up for our big adventure the next day to the Safari Zoo.


little sister

A few things about our Sophie girl:

~she loves to play pat-a-cake

~she loves playing with Joci {I think it's the high-pitched baby voice she uses.}

~often times, she prefers dad over mom

~she is an excellent sleeper as long as no one is holding her

~she loves music. She'll rock back & forth when she hears a song she likes. It's so adorable.

~she doesn't necessarily like to be in the baby carrier, but she'll tolerate it for a little while.

~she likes baby rattles, and toys that make noise

~she likes to drink her milk (formula). We have to hide the bottle because if she sees it, she'll want it.

~she has the chubbiest cheeks. We call them her chipmunk cheeks.

We have been immeasurably blessed, and are so lucky to have her join our family.


medical check

{China day 9.........November 15th}

Today Sophie had her medical check.
Basically, a very brief well-care visit similar to what you might receive in the states.

She has gained 1.5 kilos since her last update that we received.
That's equivalent to 3.3 lbs!!
The girl does like to eat!!

She has had a cough and runny nose the last few days.,
but no fever.
The doctor checked her out, and was concerned with what she was hearing in her lungs.
They diagnosed her with bronchitis, prescribed us some medication.
Joe paid for the prescription.
It was actually very, very cheap.
$9 USD for 2 prescriptions.
She took the medicine like a champ.
It is strawberry flavored, and smells very, very sweet.
Joe said, "Smells better than any American medicine the kids have taken."

Lots of waiting around today in a very warm room.
Once we were done with the checks, we were able to go wait outside where it was cooler.
We had 15 families to wait on since we were one of the first in the line.

Although it may seem there are numerous children for adoption,
the Chinese love their children, and are concerned about them.
Always talking to them, smiling at them, making sure they are warm, etc.


fabric shopping

{China day 8.......November 14th}

Another free day on our agenda!!

I hired a local guide to take us out into the city today.
B wanted to buy some toys, and I wanted to go to the fabric market.

Our guide met us at the hotel to take us around.
She was speedy, and we were done in less than 3 1/2 hours including our stop to get more formula.

We, meaning Joe, snapped a few pictures.

All kinds of duck meat~duck feet, duck tongue, duck insides

The kids were fantastic, and such good sports about walking all over, and waiting on Mom to decide.

A traditional silk that they used to use for a wedding blanket.
The guide told us that they quit using those types quite awhile back because it took so long to hand embroider. It was beautiful!

While out today:
~we took our first subway ride.
~we saw our first vehicle accident in China. A police officer rear-ended a private vehicle. :)
~our cab driver told us we looked too young to have 4 kids of our own.
~we saw a few interesting potty-training techniques
~we learned a little more about the one-child policy in China from our guide.

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