chicken chicken

Chickens like: strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, bread, pepper plants {grr},
locust shells, and chicken nuggets
Chickens don't mind: being picked up by the kids frequently and
Chaos snooping around in their coop daily
Chickens don't like: loud noises, sprinklers, sharing "human" food, and
being shooed off the patio area 
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free printable roundup #7

Happy Tuesday friends!!
I've found some great printables from around the far corners of the internet for you today.

~do you need a gift for a hostess or a sweet neighbor family? This diy kit is adorable with the printed label. 
 ~how about a cute little printable for your backdoor or a playroom?
~are you in need of some fun birthday tags? I'm going to print these out to use on birthday gifts this year.
~how about a little sparkle for your bedroom wall?

Grab your coffee, tea, Diet Coke, or whatever strikes your fancy and have yourself a little printing session.

Thank you to all the wonderful ladies who so gladly share their talent and creativity with the rest of us!

hello monday

hello Monday! The last Monday in July. How is that even possible?

hello boys catching locusts and finding lots of shells.

hello eggs, eggs, and more eggs.

hello green tomatoes. They'll ripen soon!

hello projects on the to-do list.
hello trying to assist Joe, but am in way over my head.

hello craft room organization.

hello swimming lessons, doctor appointments, and dentist appointments this week.

Happy Monday friends!!

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weekend links/17

 I've found a few of my favorites for you to enjoy this weekend!!

~A grieving father sent out a request and received a beautiful gift in return

baby sophia

~Wedding gowns turned into beautiful gowns for premature newborns and stillborn babies

PHOTO: An organization in Fort Worth, Tex., is turning wedding dresses into burial gowns for stillborn babies.

 ~the power of a password: I read this earlier this month, and happened upon it again this week.

~this article on parenting has been floating around facebook this week

Happy weekend friends!! Stay cool this week.


a day of fun

Storybook Island is a children's theme park located in Rapids City, South Dakota. The park is filled with characters and equipment from children's stories and nursery rhymes.

Admission is donation only. We did pay extra for the train for Owen. He's in love with trains!!

The kids had a blast!!

*This is the last post from our South Dakota trip!! Are you saying hallelujah?

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